Filming With A GoPro Underwater Camera

Filming with a GoPro underwater might be one of the most difficult things steps to do if you have a sports action camera. Even when you have the newest model, GoPro alternative, or an expensive model, your footage will still look the identical if you don’t know the best way to use your device properly. One fact many people do not know, however, is you could take amazing footages whether or not only know basic things and utilize the best accessories together with your action camera. Here, are a few tips and tricks that may provide you with better quality underwater video in no time.

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Accessories to Use:


For many sports and hobbies, using action camera accessories is nice but not really optional. The same doesn’t apply when shooting underwater because you have to use specific extras to boost your videos. For instance, a standard or flat lens is the only kind of lens recommended to be used for underwater purposes basically because they offer better colors for your videos. A lens cover is also required because it upgrades the resolution and stay mindful of your camera.


Filters are accessories placed in the standard housing and used to balance the green and yellow color bias of underwater surroundings. Since the saturation of hues varies below surface, a red filter is utilized by those that take footages because it aids by way of making the color of the fluid start off lighter plus the objects being shot more concentrated in hue.

GoPro Dive Housing

Action cameras are already waterproof but they can accommodate different water depths in line with their model and make. For instance, there is the Contour Roam 2 that can be worn-out to 3 feet underwater and to discover the GoPro and that is other advanced and can accommodate as much as a stunning 200 feet of depth. Before shooting, assess first if the below surface depth you will be shooting could be supported by your camera. If it is not, investing in a trusty housing is needed as it will protect your gadget from pressure and leaks.

Secrets to Amazing Underwater Videos:

An artificial lighting choice is not which convenient when filming underwater. Unless you’re preparing to get silhouette shots of your respective subject, always shoot in the sun behind you since it can function your natural lighting.

The auto-focus settings ought to be applied to close-ups while medium and long shots should be done by now using the manual focus.

Shooting a concern that’s removed from you? You can help improve its color by shooting it against a foreground of corals.

Prevent “underwater jogging” as much as possible. This can be a term widely used to consult excessive shaking belonging to camera result of the swimming regarding a person. Instead, float while you’ve the recording button pushed.

Follow the following pointers and little secrets to enhance the overall quality of your videos. With their help, you will be appreciating your underwater adventures much more in no time.