How to Keep a Fresh & Health Home in Texas

When we envision a new looking home, we regularly consider shiny bathrooms, crisp clean windows and freshly made beds. You should know that there is much more to a fresh healthy home than simple housekeeping.

These are only a few steps you can take to keep this home safe, clean as well as toxic free. Our professional house cleaning crew will recommend suggestions to make your property cleaner, safer further and further enjoyable for the whole family. Contact us today for good clean advice!

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Many family homes (especially older ones) are stuffed with a huge variety of allergens and toxins, it has been had the experience for the reason that home was built. In case you don’t take the time to check these frequently, the results may be fatal. You will be surprised to discover that a few of these toxins are a thing you and your loved ones happen to breathing for a number of years totally unaware of their harmful effects.


Lead has always been a concern because lots of people have become ill (often fatal) from it. Lead was a significant ingredient present in paints used in homes, schools and offices. Despite the actual fact that this doesn’t have to be how it is, the lead from some older paints still have a home in homes today. Lead levels once regarded as acceptable at the moment are considered known contributors to learning disabilities and child behavioral problems. Lead is mostly found moving into the paint in older homes, old plumbing and soil that exists near busy highways and busy roads because of passing motor vehicles. Lead poisoning causes neurological damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure, and is known to to get a connection with reproductive problems.

Carbon monoxide

This silent deadly gas will kill an estimated 1000 people this year. A proper documented hazard, this gas has caused many people to be troubled enough to buy co2 detectors. These detectors will sound an alarm if the levels in your house become unsafe and they have saved many lives. That is an absolute must have if you’ve a hearth in your house as co2 could be caused further from smoke in chimneys.


Did you know that formaldehyde gas emits from cushions, particle boards and adhesives used to manufacture wood-based products? Carpets may also emit formaldehyde, causing eye and respiratory irritation.


Radon gas is a pure radioactive gas that will seep into homes through unsealed cracks in the basement, surrounding foundations and well water. It enters the body quietly in the air passages and is actually the next leading cause of respiratory illness.

Solvents: Disinfectants – Pesticides:

These tend to be items we work with each day to clean and protect our homes, everyone of them are hazardous particularly if not stored properly. Chlordane, aldrin, dieldrin, though all banned for nearly 20 years, tend to show up airborne in older houses from a few of these products.

The most dangerous selection of known toxins pales in comparison to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs consists of many natural and man-made, carbon-based agents that react with other carbon-based compounds, and evaporate easily, thereby being toxic. VOCs can be found in disinfectants. paints and pesticides.

To safe guard your loved ones from these harmful toxins, be sure to improve air filters, purchase radon and c02 detectors, use air filtration systems and purchase eco-safe products corresponding to low VOC paints and biodegradable house cleaners. Limit using carpets in your house and ensure to start your doors and windows frequently to recirculate the air within.

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