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How to Prevent COVID-19 Infections From Happening in the Workplace

Due to the Worldwide COVID-19 Outbreak, there are a few things that we would like to share that we have learned from working in this crazy biohazard cleanup industry. These would be points that we bring up when reviewing clients’ Emergency Preparedness Plans, and we feel they’re relevant now more than ever. Our disinfection services focus on high-touch areas at the commercial facility. This consists of desks, door knobs, phones, bathrooms, and more. Build a one-time cleaning, or schedule several times a year. All of our services are EPA-approved. Visit us at coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services Los Angels County.


Every Business Should Have A Emergency Prepardness Plan

Emergency Preparedness is a phrase thrown around at the Biohazard Cleaning Co. many times a day. We are, in spite of everything, in the industry of ’24/7 Emergency Response’. Regardless that many of us and we in Disaster Restoration are usually not categorized with Firefighters, EMTs, as well as other first responders, we often find ourselves woken up within the middle of the night by the frantic customer who’s pausing in the midst of 6 inches of water in their basement, or someone who is standing down the street here at home, watching the fire department extinguish flames. Following the disaster, we possess the privilege of advising our clients through a challenging time, helping them acknowledge the claims process, collaborating with insurance, mortgage companies, providers, and much more. In a way, we are lucky in an effort to be … Continue Reading

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